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Customer Testimonials

"It has been gratifying beyond words to see results not just in what I want to accomplish, but in the changed atmosphere around me at work. What I thought would be confrontational and negative reactions to what needed to be done, instead have been empowering and beneficial to my whole office." ~ Charles N.

"Coaching with Cynthia has allowed me to experience success in areas of my professional life that I had written off as being my weakness for which there was no cure. I no longer dread but rather look forward to using the skills I have learned within the context of various situations both routine and difficult."

"I was ready to make a career change. I needed to focus on how to achieve my goals of being CFO for a more nimble company with great growth potential. I wanted greater business involvement, less corporate reporting. Cynthia coached me on how to position and market myself to a larger business market. I have greater understanding of my transferable skill set and an increased focus that doubles as added confidence on the job." ~ Steve D.

"Cynthia has helped clarify my intention and purpose. I seem to have a clearer vision and direction from her guidance and feedback!"

"Re-shaping my perceptions has me opening some doors that I did not think were there! Shining a light on an opportunity that existed...yet, I had not seen fully! ~ Amy I.

"Cynthia has provided me with the tools to recognize and challenge the internal barriers that hindered my professional growth. As a result, I have become empowered and focused. I now have clearly defined career goals and I have designed a path to achieve them." ~ Steve B.

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